10 Top Handstand Tips & Conditioning Exercises

10 Top Handstand Tips & Conditioning Exercises

Top Tip #1. Set goals-
Like anything in training (or life in fact!) you need to have a clear goal/goals to enable you to feel motivated on your journey!
Some example for handstanding are:
Short Term (1-4wks): To be able to kick up to a handstand against the wall
Medium Term (4-12wks) To be able to hold for 5 seconds
Long Term (1 year goal) To do a Handstand Deadlift
You get the idea right!? They need to be specific & measurable so that you are able to track whether you have achieved them. Keep them realistic to you personally, take into consideration your starting point and if you can give yourself a time frame even better!  
& finally…..enjoy the journey!!!
So what are your goals…
Life is Better Upside Down….all the sad things fall out 😉

Top Tip #2 learn the technique (check out our Top 10 Conditioning Exercises on instagram)

Top Tip #3 Use a spotter
FEAR is one of the biggest problems I hear when tackling handstands. I totally understand, we were built to walk on our feet not our hands 😉 but once we can overcome this we can really begin to unlock our handstand potential!!!
So a way around this is to use a spotter. I would advise asking someone who is knowledgeable& that you trust like your instructor or buddy. Get them to help you up and hold you in place whilst you focus on technique (oh & don’t forget to breath!)

Top Tip #4. Look @ your hands
This simple tip can be really helpful for your technique.
By looking at your hands you help create a balance point & find that sweet spot. If your head tucks in you will end up falling forwards…if it sticks out too much you won’t be able to get vertical. Try looking down in between your thumbs, your ears should be next to your shoulders.

Top Tip #5 Work on your weak spots
Ughhhh sounds so boring right! Ha ha!!! Its so easy to opt for the easier option or just do the things we are good at but if we can really hone in on the things we are not so good at and start conditioning those tougher exercises we are more then likey going to see results….so whatever it is you don’t enjoy so much make it your aim to add it into your practice atleast 2x per week!

Top Tip #6 DO YOGA
Ok, so you don’t exactly have to take up a new hobby on top of pole, handstand, stretch etc, BUT sun saluations, down dogs, planks and all the other glorious exercises Yoga teaches us are great for building wrist, shoulder and upper back strength….all of these are vital ingredients for making a good handstand!
So try adding a few sun salutations, planks and downdogs  to your training & see how you get on today!

Top Tip #7 Learn to cartwheel
Yay another skill to add to your 2022 goal list. Get a coach & learn to cartwheel!
This not only will help build strength but also will target the fear of falling and give you an alternative exit from your handstand.  

Top Tip #8 Squeeze your BUTT
This for me is the golden nugget of tips….
By squeezing your glutes you also encourage engagement of pelvic floor and lower abdominals, thus tightening your core. Core strength in handstand is key!
If your unsure how to squeeze (it can be confusing upside down) try squeezing your heels together or imagine a £50note in between your butt cheeks 😉
Of course there is so much more to this point but try squeezing your butt whilst your upside down today & see what a difference it makes.

Top Tip #9 Point your toes
By focusing on your toes pointing not only will your handstand look nice it will encourage the rest of your body to stay nice a tight. If your body is tight it will make it easier for you to find  your balance point.

Top Tip #10 Use your fingers
As your handstand practice becomes a little easier you can begin to focus on what your fingers are doing. Believe it or not your fingers have the power to control your balance….too much weight in front of you press through your finger tips…too much weight behind you press through the heels of your hands. This tip is definitely something to be aware of however usually the ability to apply it comes a little later so don’t stress if this feels like information overload today 😉

BONUS Top Tip... Practise makes Perfect!!!!

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