Pheobe is an incredible pole dancer, studio owner, and mummy with an impressive heels collection and a slight addiction to wiggling her butt!

“Dancing gives me all the feels, and Olra’s activewear keeps me comfortable when teaching and training.”

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Jen McGrath

Jen is an aerial and flexibility instructor. She’s been teaching for around 12 years and absolutely loves it! Jen’s favourite pole trick is the twisty grip shoulder mount into an Ayesha.

“I fell in love with Olra from the very beginning. The clothing is so comfortable and of the best quality; it really is made to move!”

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Jade Flash

Jade is an international performer, world doubles pole champion, studio owner & boy mama! Performing is her passion; starting at 3, she was brought up with dance, performance and gymnastics.

She has been featured on TV and in music videos for The Beckhams, Gordan Ramsay, Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, and Tom Jones (to name a few).

“I absolutely LOVE Olra! After becoming a mama, I needed training wear that would make me feel and look good to give me that confidence back, and it does just that!”

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Holly Munson

Holly has been pole dancing since 2009 and owns a studio (FireFly Poles in Norwich). Her website PoleFreaks is a go-to resource for thousands of pole dancers worldwide, with hundreds of tutorials available to her members.

Holly has won various pole competitions in the UK and loves working on pretty combos and routines for her students. Holly’s favourite pole move is a shoulder mount, which you can do much from.

“I love Olra because every product is beautiful, practical, comfortable and soft to the touch!”

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Kate Linsell

Kate has worked in the fitness industry for 15 years as a personal trainer, gym and pole studio owner, nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach. She is also a mum to her daughter Lexi (her absolute world).

Kate has competed and performed on stage for pole dancing and bikini fitness, winning her WBFF Pro Fitness card in 2018 (which has been her dream for many years). She loves sharing her passion and supporting others with their fitness journeys.

"Olra is an incredible brand representing everything I adore about pole sport. It makes us strong, bendy and empowered!"

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Chloe Anderson

Chloe has been poling for 13 years as an elite competitor and a proud two times national champion. As an Xpert Master trainer, she’s taught a variety of pole qualifications while running her studio at The Pole Lab in Brighton.

Known for her low and dynamic pole combos, she teaches workshops in studios/pole camps worldwide and online. You can find her performing on a pole or fly pole around the UK when she isn't training or competing.

“Olra is an amazing activewear brand – especially for us pole dancers! I love the look and feel.”

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Amie Alma

Amie is renowned for her unique style and movement. She takes body isolations, acrobatic movements and high musicality to another level!

Amie has won numerous competitions, including Exotic Generation Freestyle World Champion in 2023.

“Wearing Olra makes you feel sexy, strong, and it never lets you down!”

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Beccie Dunn

Beccie has been poling for ten years and is an International Strength & Conditioning Coach, specialising in Kettlebell training. She is passionate about helping others get stronger for pole & aerial, building better daily habits and improving their overall lifestyle.

Fun fact! Beccie absolutely LOVES sour sweets, and she’s NEVER found a sweet too sour in my life.... please dm her if you have recommendations!

“I love to wear Olra when I train or coach – it’s so comfortable and moves with you!”

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